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HEXEL TOOLING Pty. Ltd is a modern tool room specialized in the manufacture of injection moulding dies, diecast dies, press tools and special purpose machines. The company established since 1992 has highly disciplined engineering fundamentals necessary to succeed in the field.

The company has a history of quality, reliability and engineering excellence directly associated with the design and manufacture of precision moulding dies. We pride ourselves on our reputation as a first class tooling supplier. This has been founded on flexibility, attention to detail and our ability to deliver on time to a competitive price.

The current scope of work undertaken includes:

Injection moulding dies for varied components associated with automotive, packaging, building &    electrical industries.
Diecast dies for various applications including lock and security industry
Special purpose machines
CNC machining of engineering components of high precision
CNC wire EDM
NC superdrill (hole diameter from 0.3 to 3 mm x 200 deep)
Precision engineering

Injection Mould

Press Tools

Diecast Dies

Special Purpose Machines

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